EV Charging Stations and Hammocks?

What's up people?!

Today I will post something slightly different than what I had promised but for a good reason. I said that I would start the "Will It Hang?" series on my next post but something unexpected (but fun) happened this past weekend that showed how hammocks can come in handy when you least expect.

Every year some friends and I try to attend the World Series of Beach Volleyball in Long Beach, CA and we have a great time every single year. This time was no different. We went on Friday so it was not crowded and we got to walk around the vendors area and see and try all kinds of new products without having to hurry back to the courts to find good seats; the event was packed with top notch players as always, and it was a free event which is incredible given that you are feet away from legends of the sport. 

Anyways, you are probably wondering where the hammocks will come into the story, right? The thing was, my good friend John offered to drive us and he has a Fiat 500e which is an electric car and the range on its full battery wasn't enough for us to go and come back. So, the plan was to spend half the battery going there, park the car at an EV charging station while we attended the event, and then go back home with the recharged car. But, when we got there we couldn't find an available charging spot close to the event so we parked at a regular spot and decided to charge the battery on the way back. 

So, after the event we cruised down the beach until we found some charging stations. There was nothing we could do about the car besides just waiting for the battery to charge and we had to kill a little over an hour until we could leave. What do you think we did? We grabbed our Aria 2s from the car and set them up right next to the car on some palm tree California style :)

Enjoying a beautiful sunset in Long Beach in such an unexpected way while hanging out in style with a good friend was priceless. There is something about being so comfortable in a hammock that improves your mood, opens you up for good conversations, and helps you enjoy the moment. Would the day have been bad if we hadn't brought our Aria 2s along? Nah. But, they were just the cherry on top of an already great day!

Now that I think about it this could have been the first of the "Will It Hang?" series since it talked about an unexpected occasion and place where the Aria 2 was put to the test. Well, I would definitely say then that it did hang really well at the EV charging station. John and I had a blast waiting for our car's battery to charge.

So there you go, it's always a good idea to have a hammock in your car. Just in case, you know :) ?

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