Will It Hang At The Pool?

Hi everyone! Thanks for checking out our Stories page! This is the first post of our "Will It Hang?" series and we will be talking about whether taking your Aria 2 Hammock to the pool is a good idea and what I thought about my experience doing exactly that.

One of my good friends is always traveling but whenever he is around we try to do something active on early weekend mornings and since he was here this past weekend we decided to go to the beach and Land Paddle (mix of SUP and skate longboarding) We land paddled for almost 3 hours and covered 15 miles passing by Trestles and going all the way to the end of San Onofre State Beach and then back. If you have never heard of Land Paddling check out Kahuna Creations!

After getting a good workout in, all we wanted was to get plenty of rest for the remaining of the day so hanging out at the pool sounded like a pretty good idea. I am always prepared with a couple of Aria 2s in my car so it was the perfect opportunity to try them out at the pool.

At first I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to hang them because the palm trees by the pool had plants in between them and I didn't want to hurt the plants to get to my hammock or have to hear from a security guy about it. So, I looked for other options that would work just as well. Fortunately, the straps that Aria 2 comes with make setting up ridiculously easy and you can set them up pretty much anywhere you can wrap them around as long as it is a safe and strong enough structure. Trees were no longer an option but the pool area had several other pool shade structures with plenty of pillars and wood beams to hang them from. I know, pillars don't seem like a good place to hang them but the straps did an amazing job! 

Aria 2 Hammock by the pool

One thing I was impressed with was how well the hammock dealt with being soaked wet. Aria 2 proved to do just fine with water and to dry super fast because of its high quality 210T Nylon Fabric. We would go straight from the pool to our hammocks and the wet hammocks would give us that extra refreshing feeling we wanted so much on a hot summer day. Not to mention we were the coolest guys at the pool!

Aria 2 Hammock by the pool

Several people asked us about the hammocks, some tried them, and others would just comment on how we looked comfortable as they walked by us. I learned from previous experience that it's always a good idea to carry two of them just to make sure you don't need to leave yours to let someone else try it. This time around, my friend and I were talking turns to let others try out our hammocks. I guess I need to start carrying around more Aria 2s with me :)

Two hammocks by the pool

In short, we worked out, rewarded ourselves with quality rest in our hammocks, met some random cool people thanks to our Aria 2s, and found out that the pool is an amazing place to set up your Aria 2. I had to leave towards the end of the afternoon and all I had to do was give the wet Aria 2s around 15 minutes to dry and they were ready to be packed. I brought them down as easily as I had set them up and was on my way home. 

The day would have been great anyways but bringing my Aria 2s with me made it just extra special. I hope you get to take your Aria 2 with you to the pool before the end of the Summer. You will have a blast!

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Get Out There!

Alex Schmidt

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