Aria 2 - Green

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We call them camping hammocks because they are amazing for camping but they are also awesome for beaches, backyards, local parks, campuses, apartment balconies, traveling, camping, backpacking, and anywhere you can hang them really!

The perfect way to take that much needed break, a relaxing way to get those creative juices going, or even a refreshing way to help you in a brainstorming session. Aria 2 is a lightweight, extremely roomy double hammock that comfortably fits 2 adults and that can even double as a picnic or beach blanket.

Aria 2 is not only the best quality camping hammock but it is also the most complete as well. Our Aria 2 boasts high quality 210T nylon fabric, sling runners (instead of ropes) so you don't have to worry about tying knots, climbing grade 7075 aluminum wiregate carabiners, reinforced looped tree straps for an easy and safe set up (really, who has time for tying knots on ropes anyways?), and a bag that will snugly fit your Aria 2 and tree straps.

Important things to consider: upon purchase and usage of Aria 2 you automatically gain bragging rights for having the best hammock set; you become cooler than everyone around (unless they also have an Aria 2, then you are equally awesome); some people will stop by and strike a conversation with you just to say how cool your hammock is; some other people won't say anything but you will see in their eyes as they walk by that they wish they were as cool as you; some people might want to take pictures of you and your Aria 2; and some might even ask to try it out. If harassment becomes too reoccurring we recommend that you get a second Aria 2 so you can have one just for yourself and one for your admirers.


  • Triple stitched 210T Nylon Double Hammock. 600lbs max weight
  • 118in x 78in (300cm x 200cm)
  • 2.2 lbs (hammock, sling runners, carabiners, and tree straps included)
  • 9'10" tree straps. 1000lbs max weight per strap
  • 7075 Aluminum wiregate carabiners. 2000lbs max weight per carabiner